Retaining staff and building your locate division is a tricky endeavor. As utility locating continues to gain prominence in the construction and infrastructure sectors, the importance of assembling a skilled and dedicated team cannot be overstated. Whether you're a seasoned industry veteran or a burgeoning startup, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for the success and growth of your utility locating business.


  1. Here are some strategies for building a robust team and identifying staff members who can help drive your company forward:
  2. Recruit with Purpose: When seeking new team members, look beyond just technical skills. While expertise in utility locating techniques and equipment is essential, also prioritize traits such as problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic. Seek individuals who demonstrate a passion for the industry and a commitment to delivering quality results.
  3. Invest in Training and Development: Recognize that even the most experienced professionals can benefit from ongoing training and development. Offer opportunities for your team to enhance their skills, stay updated on industry trends, and obtain relevant certifications. By investing in their growth, you not only strengthen your team's capabilities but also foster a culture of continuous improvement.
  4. Cultivate a Collaborative Environment: Encourage open communication, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among team members. Foster a supportive workplace culture where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their ideas and insights. By fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, you can harness the collective expertise of your staff and achieve greater success as a company.
  5. Promote from Within: Identify staff members who demonstrate leadership potential, initiative, and a strong commitment to the company's goals. Provide opportunities for career advancement and progression within the organization. By promoting from within, you not only reward loyalty and dedication but also inspire other team members to strive for excellence and pursue growth opportunities.
  6. Encourage Innovation and Adaptability: In today's rapidly evolving industry landscape, the ability to innovate and adapt is paramount. Encourage your team to think creatively, experiment with new technologies and techniques, and find novel solutions to challenges. Foster a culture that embraces change and encourages continuous learning and adaptation.
  7. Provide Recognition and Rewards: Acknowledge and celebrate the contributions and achievements of your team members. Whether through formal recognition programs, performance bonuses, or simple words of appreciation, make sure your staff feel valued and recognized for their hard work and dedication. By fostering a positive and rewarding work environment, you can boost morale and motivation, driving greater success for your company.


Employee Retention vs. Turnover

In the realm of employee satisfaction, feeling valued and appreciated often reigns supreme. Surprisingly, "compensation and perks" only ranks seventh on the list of factors influencing an employee's decision to stay in their current role. At the forefront are "value and appreciation" (second) and "training and development" (first). Demonstrating genuine appreciation for your team members is key to fostering loyalty and achieving a high return on your investment in personnel. Equipping your team with the best tools is not just about enhancing productivity; it's also a crucial factor in fostering employee satisfaction and retention - that’s why we work hard to make Utilocate the best damage prevention platform around.

Take a thoughtful inventory of your organization's requirements. Evaluate factors such as availability, time commitment, and necessary experience. I think the 80/20 rule when hiring is great: 80% based on behavior and 20% on skill. This approach prioritizes aligning a candidate's behavior with your brand-culture fusion, as it's generally easier to teach skills than to alter ingrained behavior patterns.

Finding suitable candidates requires strategic placement of job postings. Utilize platforms like, known for its customizable application process. Additionally, tap into your existing workforce as a valuable resource for referrals. Employees who are immersed in your organizational culture are often the best advocates for attracting like-minded candidates. Foster open communication and encourage your team to recommend potential candidates who align with the company's values and goals.


In conclusion, building a strong utility locating team requires a strategic approach that prioritizes recruiting top talent, investing in training and development, fostering collaboration and inclusivity, and promoting a culture of innovation and recognition. By identifying staff members who embody these qualities and nurturing their growth and development, you can position your company for long-term success and growth in the dynamic utility locating industry.

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