Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving, hope you all had lots of turkey! Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean damage prevention takes a day off. Here are this weeks top stories:

  1. Ask SAM: Why aren't more utility lines buried underground in Winston-Salem?link
  2. Distribution grid lessons learned in 2022 link
  3. Duquesne Light seeks innovative solutions to underground electrical cable challenges link
  4. Springdale Water Utility fends off blow from iron pipe supply chain shortage link
  5. Bloomington gas station ordered to assess extent of underground fuel leak link
  6. Underground Utility Locate Device Recommendations link
  7. 3 Mains Pipes burst leaving residents with no water link
  8. Country Connection - the challenge of installing broadband link
  9. Are the UPC and 811 crazy? link
  10. Watch: Mobsters - Call before you dig 


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