"Using CGA best practices and anticipating unmapped lateral sewer lines in the field, utility workers can avoid cross boring of utilities and ensure their safety and the safety of others."

Here's this weeks top 10 stories:

  1. Omni Fiber resumes utility work in Tiffin link
  2. Dowsing v Locating link
  3. Bird Agrees To Acquire Ontario Telecommunications And Utility Contractor link
  4. Underground February Playlist link
  5. Maumelle homeowner blames AT&T contractors installing fiber-optic for electrical fire link
  6. Advice for a new locator link
  7. They shouldn't make flags the perfect rods then link
  8. Rockwood Completes Investment in NG Companies link
  9. 5 Myths about Digging for Farmers & Ranchers link
  10. How Experts Say 3D Maps Are Better for Understanding Our Environment link

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