"Now is the time for the industry to seriously examine how we can make the next dramatic reduction in annual damages and protect critical infrastructure.”

  1. Indoor Mapping for Public Safety Emergency Response READ
  2. US Company To Use Israel’s “Live Dig Radar” READ
  3. Why does Kentucky Utilities not bury all of their power lines? READ
  4. Excavation starts at site of fuel spill atop Haleakalā READ
  5. Behind-the-Scenes: Service Locating at a Large Residential Property WATCH
  6. The Importance of Mapping READ
  7. Using Geonics EM38B Conductivity Meter to locate WATCH
  8. Contribute to Research! Underground "Spaghetti" Systems READ
  9. Whalerock Point Partners LLC sells NextEra Energy, Inc. READ
  10. Easiest Ways to Locate Pipes and Cables READ

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