Here are the top 10 stories in utilities and damage prevention from the last week...

  1. AECOM selected by New York City Department of Environmental Protection to design cloudburst flooding mitigation strategies: READ
  2. Why the 2023 Utility Expo is a CAN'T MISS event!: READ
  3. Uninterrupted Power Distribution: Innovative Underground Enclosures Revolutionize Urban Energy Networks: READ
  4. Understand vicarious liability when contracting: READ
  5. Cross Bore Safety: WATCH
  6. "I'd call 8-1-1" - WATCH
  7. Why are manholes in the middle of busy roads? READ
  8. Moving from 811 to Private Locating: READ
  9. Prevailing wage for SUE: READ
  10. How to Conduct a Thorough Utility Locating Survey: WATCH

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