"What initially struck me as unique about the Common Ground Alliance continues to surprise me today — that so many companies across so many industries can agree on a common goal and work together toward that common goal." - Sarah Magruder Lyle

  1. GPR + GPS reveals the underground world - 🔗

  2. DroneDeploy begins drag-and-drop PPK processing for DJI drones - 🔗

  3. MIT files late objection to plan by Eversource, seeking to reroute cables for new substation - 🔗

  4. Why burying power lines is an effective, but very expensive way to prevent wildfires - 🔗

  5. The Psychology of Damage Prevention - 🔗

  6. Home explosion in Woodstock - 📺

  7. Kyle's take on the Google Fiber open letter - 🔗

  8. Julie 811's proposed legislative changes - 📺

  9. Should I just start looking for another job if I’m still slow at the 4th week of training? - 🔗

  10. What is underground mapping? - 🔗

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