beforeUdig is the New Zealand equivalent of our 811 centers and they've produced this video with a locator's perspective. It's beneficial to learn from other places what works and what doesn't.

In their own words; "Our latest Front Runners episode is here, featuring the Locator's Perspective while using beforeUdig services. Join the Locate Services team, as they guide us, through the process of uncovering utilities underground. Ever wondered why a #beforeUdig inquiry is crucial for locators? There's more to it than meets the eye. With old markers disappearing and above-ground assets shifting, boundaries changing – you never know what's beneath the surface. Discover why finding through "beforeUdig" is the key to safety. Make sure to subscribe to our channel to catch all the insights and updates. Your safety and success matter to us, and this series is here to empower you with the right information. Ready to dive in? Let's watch the video, discuss, and learn together. Share your thoughts in the comments, and let's champion safety and excellence in excavation!"