Check out this video from Jason Schroeder, in it he provides a comprehensive overview of underground utility construction, detailing the processes, essential tips, and lean methodologies for successful project execution. It begins by defining underground utility construction, which includes installing, repairing, or upgrading essential services like water supply, wastewater collection, stormwater drainage, natural gas distribution, telecommunications, and electricity distribution. The video emphasizes the importance of having a solid business system, a cohesive leadership team, standardized processes, and continuous training. Successful contractors often use systems like EOS and conduct monthly field walks to ensure proper implementation, aiming for high profit margins (15-30% gross profit).

Key aspects of the process include meticulous planning and design, where contractors develop detailed project plans, schedules, zone maps, and logistics maps. The video stresses the importance of examining soil conditions through tests and pits to tailor excavation strategies appropriately. Furthermore, it highlights the need for thorough project review meetings to finalize plans and ensure all team members can identify potential issues. By following these strategies and emphasizing lean methodologies, contractors can minimize waste, avoid rework, and ensure the efficient and safe completion of underground utility projects.